Wednesday, May 21, 2008

FIT Senior Fashion Show 2008: Childrenswear

Childrenswear, with the kids modeling, is an obvious crowd pleaser! And what fun, these kids worked that runway and showed off some adorable fashions. I had many favorites, but my number one was:

Can you stand it? She's a little Dutch mushroom! Designed by Sarah Boardman, this red wool cape with mushroom dots & multiple-print dress was too, too cute. Again, check out this website for a much better photo & the critic winner's outfit by Annie Nicholas.

And more photos: left is Cathleen Cha's beaded knit top w/grey beaded vest and black sparkly pants; below left is Violene Percy's rust wool jacket w/pleated collor & sleeves; and last is Christina Tammera's fun silk charmeuse dress w/red bow and jewels. All age appropriate and clever designs.