Friday, May 16, 2008

Old Navy Combos

It's true, I have been remiss in shopping Old Navy. It's an old, hanger-on prejudice now wiped clean away. Well, almost. Here are the pros:

  • No item limits in the dressing room. If I want I can take the whole damn store in to try on;
  • The lovely dressing room attendant didn't bat an eye as I piled the whole store on her table upon leaving, saying "sorry!" and her saying "no, don't worry!" Yes, this was 34th Street, New York City, not 34th Street, Des Moines Iowa;
  • Old Navy is visually well organized, and 34th Street has two floors for women and a maternity section. A maternity kimono on sale was so cute I almost bought it;
  • Pricing is recession proof, especially the discounted T-shirts (2nd flr, $7.99) and a tube top (sale price $4.99) that I spotted later on a girl at a 'wichcraft kiosk in Bryant Park.
And what would pros be without cons:
  • Questionable cheap material on some cute dresses (but they are under $40);
  • Sizing isn't great for me, which means it must be better for those under 5'10;
  • PLEASE, Old Navy, upgrade your skirt hangers. Currently one needs the jaws of life to open every other one;
  • Their bikini bottoms don't like my rear end. Pretty much run-of-the-mill for me and bikini bottoms, but one always hopes, and tries...
Let's go to the pictures. I apologize for the many fuzzy photos, but I was very itchy, sensitive and swollen thanks to a certain culinary establishment's "calamari." Trying on clothes was almost painful, and wrestling those skirt hangers open made my fingers swell. So the photography was a little compromised.

The black skirt ($29.50) with plain tank (2 for $15), with dotted, puff-sleeve cardigan ($24.50), and with slouchy ruffles ($14.50):

Same style, different color skirt. The grey shows off the wrinkles nicely, yes?! The taupe jacket ($39.50) paired with the black skirt would probably be better, but I was experimenting. I would also go down one size in the jacket:

The polka dot skirt ($29.50) with a silky soft grey T, and a bright T. You might want to go with a purple hue, but I love this Old Navy tangerine. Click on the bird's eye view and see what a winner this skirt is:

The shorts ($24.50). Why not, as they look cute with every top here (black $19.50 on sale, flower $24.50 & green, $22.50):

Tomorrow, Old Navy dresses to thrown on for hot summer weekends.

Old Navy,
150 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th