Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Girl Crush: Chloe Sevigny

Why I love Chloe Sevigny:

"Fashion week makes me feel very self-critical," she explained. "Like I'm not wearing the right thing or looking the right way. It's stressful."

This is an old quote, from WWD Thursday, February 7th, 2008. And I've had it highlighted and tacked on my office wall ever since. I'm one of those who admire Ms. Sevigny's independent style and sartorial risk-taking. But after reading this I now highly esteem her candor, and say "Amen, sister." That's exactly how I feel for any kind of fashion event, let alone fashion week. But isn't it great to hear a style icon express similar insecurities?

Some chloe style:


Always In Style said...

I share your girl-crush, Chloe rocks!