Friday, May 30, 2008

EC Summer Dresses

Some of you may understand my bias for the "European Fit" tags on Gap clothing, so can I be forgiven for posting yet again on Gap's European Collection?

EC summer dresses ($59.50 & $44.50), all neutral colors which are totally defying this summer's fashion palette demands. But throw on a colorful cardigan or layer a T-shirt and voila, very cute & functional. Below is my favorite ($49.50):

This is odd because I'm not a baby doll dress girl, I'm tired of the bag dress look, and this has the back ties! But the ties are small, the dress is easy, and it transforms so prettily with a long cardigan (grey & black, $49.50).

The light sweater is always what I'm looking for in summer: a good little something to throw on top of a dress or whatever to combat the a/c. Or to look a little more modest during office/family occasions. Gap has a lot of these cardigans, and the lilac above ($39.50) comes in many lovely hues.

Also, don't miss their bags. Patrick Robinson is not just perfecting the clothes (Gap basic with better detail), he's also transformed their bags. Here's a favorite, the canvas & lambskin satchel for $59.80:

Gap, 60 W. 34th between 5th & 6th


Kira Aderne said...

it´s an amazing collection, the dresses are so fresh, great for summer!

a kiss,
see you,

Anonymous said...

i think i neeeeed this bag! so cute and no worries about multiple gap posts, especially since they're all great!

Always In Style said...

Ooh I like that vertical striped dress so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous collection of fresh summer dresses.

Anonymous said...

Wow..! You really have a good collection of summer dresses.