Friday, May 23, 2008

FIT Senior Fashion Show 2008: Intimate Apparel

All my male readers (well, my one male reader - hey xmastime) will be very disappointed I only have two decent lingerie shots to represent the very sexy FIT senior show's intimate apparel:

Ms. Wilbur is the critic winner, and her black corset w/beaded embroidery, panty & matching robe, left, was pretty jaw-dropping on that runway. Sorry, again, for bad photos, but still I had to add this Jessica Soto (right). Perfect for a wedding night, this champagne charmeuse gown w/lace applique godets & beaded lace bed jacket is just stunning.

Click here because you shouldn't miss Jennifer Ostroski's mauve crinkle chiffon robe w/black lace bra & high-waisted panty. I'm a sucker these days for traditional, high-waisted bottoms, & this color combination is sexy.

To wrap up, I'd never attended an FIT senior show before and was impressed. Nothing was dull except, perhaps, when a few stuck to the mainstream. Eg: a beautiful tuxedo pantsuit that looked blah next to the more innovative designs. Unfair for this lovely tailored piece, yes, but it does help a viewer understand why designs on the runway are generally more over-the-top than run-of-the-mill. Predictable just doesn't communicate vision. See how much students can teach you?


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I would love to see the FIT show. The lingere looks heavenly too.

Tricia said...

well, you'll just have to schedule a nyc trip to coincide with the next show!