Monday, May 5, 2008

It's a Small threeASFOUR

Just got back from Gap on 34th where I saw a Small & XS threeASFOUR Design Editions dress. Quite shocked; overstock from elsewhere? Returns? So now there is just a small as I bought the XS for a friend. 34th Street also has lots of Phillip Lim, some Michael Bastian, 2 threeASFOUR sleeveless tops (larges), and the sold-out-online Pierre Hardy dark brown wooden platforms* (9's) and silver gladiator flats (one 8 + 2 mannequins). I have no idea if these are in other stores.

If you stop by, grab a GapBody black t-shirt on sale for $7.99. It's crazy soft and perfect for the gym, lounging at home, torturing sleeping cats, etc.

Gap True Confessions: I'm now sadly a European Collection snob. Not that I've bought a lot, or think every piece is fabulous, but when I see the "European Fit" label I snatch it up with excitement and haul it off to the dressing room. Call it European and I'm done for.

*Gap True Confessions #2: I am a clomping amazon in my Pierre platforms and love it. They are not difficult to maneuver and are not heel killers. Vive M. Hardy!

Gap, 60 W. 34th at 6th Avenue