Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Glam Up Your Grad

My tomboy girlfriend, Laura, who's also a star in our upcoming video, called yesterday in need of shopping assistance. She's in the midst of finals, has graduation this weekend, and is teasing her parents with "I'm going to walk in a T-shirt and jeans," but will surprise them with a dress. She also needs shoes, insists upon flats (diehard tomboy), they have to be red, and they have to be usable for work, too. Oh, and did I mention we only had 45 minutes to shop? Us girls ran to Macy's Herald Square.

She now wanted the adorable dress she had modeled in the video and didn't buy last week. But alas, the small was gone (BCBGeneration, 2nd floor, white pinstripes, strapless). Thus she learned her first, all-important fashion lesson: if you like it, buy it. Hesitation is not rewarded in the world of shopping. So we searched on, till the tomboy found what? A Barbie by Patricia Field dress ($138), girly military with gold Barbie buttons. The power of Barbie strikes again. Now if I can just get her to wear the matching necklace.

Next, we rushed to shoes. She didn't approve the flats in juniors on the 4th floor, although I liked a pair of Mia's. So up to the 5th floor, where I drooled over some platform gladiator sandals and the tomboy picked out a very cute pair of red Biviel flats ($145). Granted, that dress should have black flats (or platform gladiator sandals) but I've got till Sunday to convert her. And the Biviel's are a great choice for work as she'll be spending lots of time outdoors.

We went over our time limit by 5 minutes, thus teaching Laura vital shopping lesson #2: going late to school, work, etc. with Macy's bags in tow never looks good.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th between Broadway & 7th


Always In Style said...

Love Mia shoes and those red Biviel flats are super cute.

Anonymous said...

fun story--where's the video?

style.street said...

ohh i hesitate and its bad! i love the dress in the photo and what the girl is wearing is cute. Cute red flats aswell.

Tricia said...

video is being edited, hopefully done by next week but you must go easy - first time in front of camera, yuk!
And Laura has great style, did you notice her different colored laces?1 The flats are so cute on her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor Laura not having purchased the dress the dress when she had the chance! Ouch! She is fortunate you were there to help guide her through the trauma! ;-)
We do *love* the Biviel's. Too cute!