Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Patricia Field in Payless & Pat on Video

This is a timely event: a launch party for more Patricia Field's Payless shoes. I'm so glad she's doing another line. The addition of her shoes really ups the vamp in the Payless designer collections. Downtown girls have Abaete, uptowners have Lela Rose, the fashionistas have alice+olivia, and the glamour tramps have Pat Field. Who'd have thought Payless could be so exotic?

Sadly, I was not invited to the party, but I was sent the PR video! So go to and enter the password "patfield" to watch an interview with the famous & infamous Sex & the City stylist. It will be accessible only for 48 hours, after which it then, umm, self-destructs? Because of the top secret style tips Patricia gives?! Although I now have an old girl crush. She gives classic fashion advice (stick to your unique style) after gushing over the freaks of NYC who inspire her. And is it wrong that I'm totally drawn to those metallic blue pumps? Well, I think the great thing about Patricia Field is that if you're not the kind of girl who wears her shoes, you're still a little envious of the girls (and drag queens) who do.

Payless, 110 W. 34th @ Broadway