Friday, May 9, 2008

Little Big Things

Striped Socks, & argyle too: Co-worker Alice has a love affair with socks. Her criteria? They have to be soft and they have to make her happy. She picked these up from Banana Republic ($8.99 each) yesterday:

Alice no longer wear heels, thus it's all about the sock. But never mind that her shoes no longer take up precious closet space; her husband now complains there's no more room for socks! The moral of the story: Girls, you'll never win this battle, so don't pay much attention to similar protests from your significant other.

Funky Sunglasses: For years now I have been unable to pass up ridiculous sunglasses sold in gas stations all over North America. I could spend hours flipping through those tall, twirly display racks. So it won't surprise anyone that I picked these up at Aldo Shoes ($12):

Thanks to my officemate/model who had two words to say about these: Austin Powers. I adore mixing it up every once in a while with something tres tacky. These should do the trick. Blue, white piping, & hurt your head. Check, check and check. Now if only they were mirrored.

Something Pretty: To cleanse your palate, here are some pretty Miu Miu shoes from Rag Nation. No, not on 34th Street (sigh) but I had to share these and their many other great second-hand designer items. Don't miss their spring clearance sale. Thanks to MUG for the heads up.

Banana Republic, 17 W. 34th btwn 5th & 6th
Aldo Shoes, 15 W. 34th btwn 5th & 6th