Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Gossip

After the FIT Senior fashion show I came home to my VCR and a taped Gossip Girl episode. More on the FIT show tomorrow; first impressions were more impressed than expected. But this was my first FIT show.

So yes, I blew the dust off an old VHS tape (no Tivo) and spent 20 minutes this morning trying to remember how to program the VCR. I'm sadly addicted; I don't even spend 20 minutes getting dressed unless I'm having one of those awful "I have NOTHING to wear days." And then 80% of that is wasted anguish time.
Here's the fashion that stuck with me:

Blair's Florence Nightengale/I'm a good friend/nuturing dress: So pretty on her, I loved the slim ribbon bow tie, the accentuated, slim waist. 
Blair's rehearsal dinner dress: Modest but sparkly, very B. But best was The Look she gave Chuck just before she told him she knew where G was. 
Serena's rehearsal dinner dress: Perfect, particularly with the necklace. 
Serena's guilt-walk-down-the-stairs dress: Which I loved with her hair pulled back all severe and repentant. Because it's B's dress, right? And she looked so adorable in a little B style! (Dan is a moron. We all knew she was lying.)
Chuck's red socks: Chuck is brilliant. 
Georgina's makup: Good god, take the eyeliner away from your makeup artist and throw it in the East River. We know you're evil already.

Some satisfying fashion tonight, but I'm really looking forward to the "wedding" gear next week. Oh, and by the way, who else was totally disappointed there was no B+Chuck=Kick Some Georgina Ass showdown?