Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Bought The Dress

Would you buy something that's been prominently displayed in The New York Times as possibly one of the world's cheapest dresses? Well, I did. I also bought its less infamous yellow sister seen below. Both from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line, and both cost $8.98. So for under $18 I got two colorful summer dresses.

Do I care it had its 15 minutes in The New York Times? Nah. Perhaps I'll wear my blue dress like a flag? Look, here it is, and I'm damn proud! Not a penny more than $8.98!

pretty yellow dress front, full-skirted, & backwards (couldn't resist, felt very Westwood) - pretty blue dress front, back and front again - and you can wear chunky heels or flats

Steve & Barry's,
Manhattan Mall level 2, 33rd @ 6th


Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! Oh, what a goodlee decision you made to buy them! I know you look bee-yoo-tee-ful in both and for that price?! Good for you! It would have been a sin against the clothing gods *not* to buy them, no?Yippee-skippee!! Can you tell I'm happy you bought them?
Grins & giggles, TP :-)

Tricia said...

very happy to have made you so happy!
am seriously thinking of wearing one to a wedding in August.