Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekday Pics for Saturday

This bathing suit caught my eye in the window of Macy's Herald Square after my Jane Seymour excursion. It's Jantzen and sexy. I love the red and the retro style. And although I'm a big fan of a tan belly, it's important to have a good one-piece. Sorry, no prices as I was too lazy to actually walk into the store. But Macy's bathing suit floor is a life-saver. I'll visit next week.

Some more Zara: Here's a perfect high-waisted khaki skirt ($79) in an office-ready, but not dowdy, length. The v-neck tank is $15, and if it can give me cleavage you know it's good;

And some white blouses, pretty and all see-through. Left, $59, right $89. I know it's all about sheer this spring, but I'm going to resent fumbling for underpinnings pre-8am;

A flower print jacket ($149) that I think I like, although it's kind of garden party-ish, but maybe that's why I like it?

While we're on flowers ($79), sorry, bad pic but it's a skirt,
hits me just at the knees, and is much prettier than this;

Zara jeans, $79. I haven't bought their jeans yet as I always want them to be less $$. But these are very soft and have a swingy, wide-leg bottom. I didn't buy them as I went a little crazy with paper denim cloth at Strawberry last week.

Macy's Herald Square, 151 W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th
Zara, 34th just east of 6th


What Kate Wore said...

We love everything you posted (although we're a tad neurotic about the sheer blouses & still don't have that drill down yet) especially the skirt! And the floral jacket! But we are most concerned you somehow got an airborne dose of preppyitis...! Oh no! Next thing you know you'll be going to Brooks Brothers!
(Tee-hee from TP.)

Tricia said...

you're killing me...esp. because lately the Brooks Brothers windows have me slowing down and even gawking! If I could I would def. fork out for a little Brooks Bros. Thom Browne. Does that count?!

eye4style said...

I love that pencil skirt/blue tank look! Very chic but keeps you cool for summer.

Anonymous said...

OMG. This is gonna' require a bit more than a Prozac Latte. It's outright alarming. (Heh-heh-heh.) Now we were waffling on the Thom Browne, but feel strongly that when it comes to the Women's line in particularly, of course it counts. Yeppers. He has some stunning things. (But can we agree just to not talk about some of those designs in the Men's line until we have recovered from the trauma?)

Tricia said...

I take it you've seen Thom Browne's line for fall? If not, steel yourself and prep (no pun intended) the triple shot latte as the man outdid himself. Most critics used words like "ridiculous" and "over-the-top." Nothing like a little big top look on the runway!