Monday, May 5, 2008

Cause She's the Best Mom EVER

I always draw a blank for Mother's Day. Why? Mom is a devoted shopper. TJ Maxx is up there with Wegman's as a favorite, regular haunt. And although I turned her onto Marc Jacobs perfume years ago, you can only get her so many bottles of perfume. Besides, she now beats me to the punch and has taken to sending me the newest Marc scent. Amazing, right? Right! So how to reward years of thoughtful devotion and sweet smells? How about a little Lady Foot Locker? This way you're giving her something cute and something that keeps her motivated on her walks, her regular treadmill workouts, and her visits to the local gym (Mom's looking good). A few ideas:

If Mom didn't hate showing her upper arms (girls, it's inevitable), I'd grab her this tank (LFL, $12);

But she looks good in color so I like this jacket ($58) and pants ($45) with matching shoes ($105), all Nike;

I love these plaid shorts (LFL, $25) as they make me nostalgic for the plaid pants she wore in the 70's (Mom's always been hip);

Finally, always buy her one thing she'd never think of getting for herself, like this bag ($50). Yes, Mom, you can so work this adidas going to the gym, then Wegman's, and on to TJ's....

Lady Foot Locker, W. 34th btwn Broadway & 7th